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Ingenesis is a consulting firm delivering strategic advisory services on energy and environmental markets, forest industry and energy efficiency sectors. The firm was founded in March 2013 by François-Xavier Saint-Macary and David Rapin to provide solutions to institutional and industrials actors in respect of the energy and environmental economic transition. 


Ingenesis serves leading global organizations in the field of chemistry, finance and energy production. 



Ingenesis offers several lines of value creation and services regarding :

Research & Analysis


We carry out research studies and analysis for clients wishing to enter new markets, develop new growth strategies or are looking for investment opportunities.

Main Achievement: Ingenesis provided a thorough market analysis for a client willing to diversify in the Fertilizers Industry.

Strategy Consultancy


We help our clients to improve their positioning in the energy transition sector. To do so, we undertake detailed analysis on key business issue considering a range of factors such as competition, customer behavior and current state of the market.

Main Achievement: Ingenesis helped a listed financial company on commodities market to enlarge its scope on energy through biomass contracts.

Project Management


We can provide project office capabilities to facilitate organizational change and strategy implementation. As business developers, our consultants will liaise with customer's internal and external stakeholders. 

Main Achievement: Ingenesis accompany a utility energy service department during its internal reorganization.

M&A Support


As a reliable support, we provide assistance in key aspects of a corporate acquisition process. Beside market analysis and project management, we serve as a facilitator between the relevant parties to close a deal.

Main Achievement: Ingenesis assisted a CAC 40 company to acquire an American firm in the field of biomass.

Energy Saving Solutions


Through our subsidiary GSTEE, we are able to offer energy services and pragmatic solutions for helping our clients to reduce their energy costs. These services are energy audits, energy supply contracts renegotiation, and funding mechanisms for energy saving renovation works.

Main Achievement: As of March 2016, GSTEE has a portfolio of more than 60 clients in the tertiary and industrial sectors including largest French companies. 

Funding Solutions


Thanks to our past experience in the banking sector and our extensive network in the energy investors community, we wisely advise clients in their fundraising / financial process.

Main Achievement: Ingenesis served as an advisor to a high tech start-up in the energy sector.

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